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AASMAAN Community Development

What is
AASMAAN Community Development?

AASMAAAN Community development project aims at helping resident of the paldi centre to expand/improve their business. We intend to help the families of those kids who we teach, observing and understanding their work and lifestyle, identifying gaps in their business and helping them grow. This will help the families to increase their revenue which will in turn help them to provide better facilities to their kdis and fulfil their education. We also hope to improve the hygiene and communication skills of the slum residents thereby contributing a 360 degree upliftment of the people and society.

As a volunteer, you will apply your theoretical knowledge of marketing and brand building in real time scenarios and hence gain an in-depth understanding of the different aspects of business. Therefore, identifying the latent growth opportunities, helping them bridge the gap and as a result help them grow.

To be a part of this project contact us at +91 9033011541